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  • This website is designed and intended solely for consenting adults - people who are at least 18 years old (21 in AL, MS, NE, WY, and any other location where 18 is not the age of majority)-- who are interested in and wish to have access to visual images, verbal descriptions and audio sounds of a sexually oriented, frankly erotic nature.
    I am over 18 years of age and have the legal right to possess mulheres gostosas material in my community. I do not find images of nude adults, adults engaged in sexual acts, or other sexual material to be offensive or objectionable. Payment for the membership is made by automatic credit card or check debit, and will be automatically renewed upon expiration, unless notified via email 7 days prior to the expiration date.
    (Note: If you have joined for anything more than a 1 month access your account will not automatically be renewed and there is no need to cancel it. e.g.. 2 Months access, 3 Months Access, 6 Months Access, 12 Months Access)

  • You must specify your subscription and/or transaction id and username in any mail you send us, especially regarding the termination of your membership, you must also follow the instructions with the auto response message you will receive when you e-mail us, this gives comprehensive instructions on how to cancel your membership automatically.
    When Sending e-mail us please note that any incorrect e-mail will be ignored.

  • The cost of renewal will not exceed the subscription cost at the time of the member's initial subscription. Cost of renewal will not be affected by any increase in this site's subscription rates.
  • The material on this site is for private use, and any other use is prohibited. we reserve the right to close any account compromising the security of the system.
    By entering this site I dismiss the webmaster and any other persons related to the publishing of this site from all responsibility and will not hold them or any other person related to this site responsible for any of the contents of this site

  • By Entering this site I dismiss the webmaster and any other persons related to the publishing of this site from any legal or civil prosecution matters that may arise regarding this site and its contents.
  • I will not copy or reproduce the material contained on this site for any purpose.
  • I am not from a country, state, province, or location in which possessing, viewing, or distributing adult material is in any way illegal.
  • I am viewing this site for personal reasons only and agree that I will not disclose its contents to any other person or organization and I will not share my username / password with any other person and I accept that if the system detects that my username and password are being used by another person that my access will be denied.
  • My choice to view is a result of my interest in sexual matters, which is, in my experience, generally accepted by average adults in my community. I am familiar with the standards in my community regarding the use of such sexually oriented materials, and the mulheres safadas I expect to encounter are within those standards. In circumstances such as this which offer reasonable insulation from these materials for minors and unwilling adults, I do not find such material to be patently offensive.


Text on the site is for entertainment purposes only and does not relate to true events. Names and locations of all performers have been changed to protect their personal privacy and social identity.

Thank you


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