Edmilyn & Ruth
This couple of mulheres casadas sluts practically begged me to film them. Well what else could I do? I taped these fucking whores as they milked each other's pussies as best they could. They totally unleashed on each other, it turned in to a cum drenched lesbian fuck fest before my very eyes.
Anne Perez & Corrine Gutierez
I met these two at a college lecture. These slutty Asian cougar were classmates who had fucked each other several times. Naturally I had to get them on film, so I brought them home and had them fuck like a couple of filthy sluts as I filmed every second of the hot lesbian fucking they gave each other.
Liza and May
Check out these two horny student whores. They could barely wait to get in front of the camera and fuck the shit out of each other. Both of these sexy Asian muff divers just loved to suck pussy and once the camera was rolling nothing could stop these two from fucking, licking and sucking each other.
Anabelle & May
Annabelle and May are a pair of fucking sluts. As soon as I got them in front of my camera, the sparks flew between these two sexy students. I couldn't believe my eyes. I have never seen a pair of girls clamp on to each other's pussies so fucking fast. It was almost like they were pussy starved.
Eliza Javier
Eliza was introduced to me by a friend. This tight little Asian slut told me she had always wanted to fuck another women but was too shy. I invited her to do a shoot with me and I told her to pretend that she was fucking herself for another woman. She pounced on the opportunity and she fucked herself senseless in front of the camera.
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